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  • Elgg Pro

    The ElggPro is a new generation suite of Elgg. ElggPro provides a different navigation and view from the currently existing themes of Elgg to the users.ElggPro will giv...f overall site on main page. Due to this ,the ElggPro gives full satisfaction fr...

    2334 days ago

  • Elgg Testimonial Plugin for Elgg

    Elgg testimonial plugin is created to allow users to post their testimonial to the site.Elgg testimonial plugin supports Elgg 1.8 version.

    2602 days ago

  • Elgg Classifieds & listing plugin has released another interesting plugin, the Elgg classified/listing plugin. Th...ntegrate a classifieds/listing section with our Elgg powered social application....splay the classifieds/listing by category. The Elgg 1.8 entity menus like delete,...

    2334 days ago

  • Featured product plugin-Social commerce add-on

    The Featured elgg plugin is an add on to the elgg socialcommerce plugin. This plugin allow us to set products as featured, and they will be shown in the home page and also in the widget in the profile page

    2597 days ago

  • Products Search - Social commerce add-on

    Products Search plugin is an add on plugin for elgg social commerce plugin. It adds an advanced search feature to your social commerce shopping cart.

    2597 days ago

  • Elgg Active Friends plugin

                Elgg Active Friends plugin creates a widget in the user's profile. This plugin creates a widget in the user's prof...

    2602 days ago

  • Elgg Social commerce plugin

    ...ce plugin is a feature rice plugin that allows the buyers to convert the Elgg application into a social store. It allows people to create a hosted shopping cart in Elgg. Buyers add items to their ca...

    2596 days ago

  • Elgg Membership plugin

            Cubet Membership plugin is an Elgg plugin specially designed for the working in an Elgg website. In this several membership types are defined to choose the membershi...

    2562 days ago

  • Elgg Survey/Poll Plugin/Quiz plugin

              The Elgg Survey plugin allows us to create survey, quiz questions or poll to the Elgg site. This plugin allows the...

    2334 days ago

  • Elgg Theme Chocolate...

    Elgg theme Chocolate is mainly designed for Elgg. It gives a classy look into your Elgg instance in a few minutes. It helps to...It has a young and vibrant look. Other Elgg plugins are also used with th...tionality and languages. Supports the Elgg version Elgg 1.7.6, Elgg 1.7....

    2751 days ago

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