Elgg Theme Orkid

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Elgg 1.8

simple and clean theme for the Elgg

Elgg 1.7.6-Elgg 1.7.13

simple and clean theme for the Elgg


Elgg theme Orkid is mainly designed for Elgg. Website with this theme promises a new and fresh look. It’s simple and clean website theme. Other Elgg plugins are also used with this. It has a search engine optimized HTML. It supports almost the main browsers used (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera). It’s compatible with all the major plugin like Blog, Groups, Files, Pages, izap videos, Tidy pics etc.


  • It has widgetized areas which allow you to dynamically manipulate these areas.
  • When enabled, it will be fast loading to the website.
  • Clarity in source code is maintained.
  • Support browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari in addition to Internet Explorer.
  • It is compatible with additional functionality and languages.
  • Supports the Elgg version Elgg 1.7.6, Elgg 1.7.7, Elgg 1.7.8, Elgg 1.7.9, Elgg 1.7.10, Elgg 1.7.11, Elgg 1.7.12,Elgg 1.7.13 and Elgg 1.8 .
  • It’s very clean, simple and easy to edit.