Elgg Membership plugin

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Elgg 1.8

a simple plugin that allows us to make different user types in our site

Elgg 1.7.6 - Elgg 1.7.13

a simple plugin that allows us to make different user types in our site


        Cubet Membership plugin is an Elgg plugin specially designed for the working in an Elgg website. In this several membership types are defined to choose the membership and the payment of the membership. Administrator has the full control over setting the membership type and defining the payment type and amount.


  •     Admin has the privilege to create/edit/delete membership Premium categories
  •     Can set whether to allow users to upgrade membership,
  •     Can set the subscription details
  •     Can set the trail period details
  •     Can set whether recurring payment/subscription details are needed or not
  •     Can set the no. of installments/recurring times
  •     Can upgrades users membership
  •     Receive notification mails on upgrading and cancelling membership


  •     Trial period provided at the time of registration only.
  •     Users can register as both free user and premium users
  •     Trail period assigned to the premium users only
  •     Recurring payments and subscription payments are assigned to the premium users only
  •     When a user registers as the premium user the trial amount is charged at the initial stage and the after the trial period, the membership charges is taken on how the recurring/no. of installments is provided
  •     Users can upgrade to new membership category, but has to cancel the previous payment in PayPal; else payment will be taken for that also as recurring.
  •     If the user cancels the payment of the active membership, their membership will be changed to FREE
  •     Notification mail will be send to the users of each process, except the cancellation of the previous payment in the PayPal
  •     Payment of each category on registration and upgradation is done using PayPal and authorize.net method
  •     If non recurring mode ,then notification will be sent to the users before 15 days of expiring the membership to user and on the day of expiring also notification will be send to the admin and user.
  •     In PayPal - Automatic recurring payments is available to PayPal Premier and Business accounts only. It is not available to PayPal Personal account.
  •     Authorize.net payment is done using the credit card.